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Sweet Loot



We got at least two players in this game. Player 1, who use press the correct button at correct time on Makey makey will sent out the desserts out from conveyor blet. Player 2 collects the dessert by moving left to right in the spacecraft - made by cardboard and with a Vive Tracker on it. Collect as many point as possible!


My contributions

Remarkable features:

- The game function and user experience of player 2(the spacecraft), including:

  • Tracking body movement with Vive Tracker and transfer it into spaceship movement

  • Visual effect of spacecraft rotation based on body movement velocity

  • Using Unity VFX(Visual Effect Graph) for spacecraft collecting objects effect

  • Using Unity particle system for the spacecraft's tail smoke

  • The basic game logic of counting combo, adding credits, miss sound

- Implement a C# shader on conveyor belt by changing UV texture

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