Robotics, Data analysis in Finance, Machine Learning, Unity game engine

Motion capture and emotion modeling

As an algorithm engineer intern in Lilith Games, our team researched on making the automatic workflow from a normal video containing human dancing to an avatar with same body movement. 

Cotton picking robot

After college graduation, I worked as Research Assistant in ShanghaiTech robotics lab and worked in research team with Xinjiang Esquel Group. Our aim is to develop a mobile cotton picking platform, with robot arm and precise cotton sense with 3D camera and computer vision object detection algorithm. My main focus is the suction device on the end of robot arm. We altogether iterated several version of suction device and I coded on the control part of suction device, which is based on ROS robot platform and Python/C++ script language. Besides, I helped with developing and deploying detection methods on robot.

Venture capital data analysis project

During senior year in ShanghaiTech, I became a student research assistant in School of Entrepreneurship and management, ShanghaiTech University. My contribution is to analysis venture capital investment data collected by and run machine learning methods on them, aiming to find mechanism of how it is related with an important index: Economy Policy Uncertainty Index. Besides, we found this vary between investors depends on their education level, gender and some other personal attributes.