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Album: MET



1.  MET (DEMO ver,00:51)

About MET


It’s a proverb in Japanese teaism culture, which means once in a lifetime chance. All what you have experienced is the once and only time you would have MET it. 

I heard about MET program of ETC@CMU in 2020 fall, from one of my friends at university. Since I first heard of it, I knew this is my dream program for my graduate study — but time is so short for me to prepare. 

However, this may be the once any only time for me to meet ETC.

In my album cover, my MET characters is broken, indicating that everyone is not perfect. But, having the chance to meet itself is already a gift from destiny. I treasure my meet with ETC, and I would try my best for it.

And the second reason is, I found my first love short time ago online. She studies in Japan now. She is so adorable and gentle. We make phone calls every night and she is with me whenever I prepare my application materials.

She is not a perfect girl as well. She was raised from a family where parents usually quarrels even fight with each other. But, she is strong enough, to overcome all those harm on her.

Due to COVID-19, traveling becomes nearly impossible. But I want to meet her so much. I treasure how we MET each other. I hope to put my feeling into this album and send to her as a gift.

So please allow me to make this album as a gift for ETC, and for my love.


FL Studio (Music)

Adobe Illustrator (Cover)

Synthesizer V Basic (Vocal)


Thank you for your interest. Please contact me for downloads.


在恒久的过去里 In the eternal past
唯有无奈 There's only helpless
在无垠的未来中 In the boundless future
只剩期待 There's only hope
模糊的姿态  Ambiguous posture
不完美的存在 Imperfect existence
相遇或离开 Meeting or leaving
弥补那段空白 To fill in the gap
残破的舞台 On a broken stage
依旧能够重来 Performance can still be staged
只愿你还在 As long as you are here
不害怕被毁坏 Not afraid of being destroyed

倘若心中执念有色彩 If there is color in the obsession
我想用尽全力去铺开 I want to use my best to spread
微弱光芒汇入心之海 Faint light enters the sea of heart
那是我的真诚 那就是爱 That's my sincerity, that's love

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