Software Engineering, Robotics, Data analysis in Finance, Machine Learning, Unity game engine

UI Tools for set-dressing

we develop tools to help creators create.

This project started when I was the intern at Unity Technologies, machine learning artistry lab. Managed by Scott Peterson.

Along with the tremendous growth of virtual worlds in games and movies, scene arranging has always been a time-consuming issue that takes a group of technical artists months to complete a high-quality scene.

Our goal is to implement layout(set-dressing) tools that greatly boost this process by providing placement tool, physic-based transform tool and intelligent assets palette.

AIPI: AI and self-driving car

This is a project that cooperate with Boys and Girls Club of America and is currently put in use. See project website

trAIn&gAIn is a WebGL game to assist 14-16 year-old AIPI (Artificial Intelligence Pathways Institute) students understand the concepts of neural networks through interactive visualization of self-driving car.

16-726 Learning-Based Image Synthesis, Course project

This course taught by Jun-Yan Zhu start from Computer Vision basics and then go further into content generation with machine learning methods. The primary focus is Generative Adversial Network(GAN). See the course page and my project writeups: proj1 | proj2 | proj3 | proj4

Motion capture and emotion modeling

As an algorithm engineer intern in Lilith Games, our team researched on making the automatic workflow from a normal video containing human dancing to an avatar with same body movement. 

Besides, we have implemented a virtual pet with emotion model backend by python.

Cotton picking robot

After college graduation, I worked as Research Assistant in ShanghaiTech robotics lab and worked in research team with Xinjiang Esquel Group. Our aim is to develop a mobile cotton picking platform, with robot arm and precise cotton sense with 3D camera and computer vision object detection algorithm. My main focus is the suction device on the end of robot arm. We altogether iterated several version of suction device and I coded on the control part of suction device, which is based on ROS robot platform and Python/C++ script language. Besides, I helped with developing and deploying detection methods on robot.

Venture capital data analysis project

During senior year in ShanghaiTech, I became a student research assistant in School of Entrepreneurship and management, ShanghaiTech University. My contribution is to analysis venture capital investment data collected by and run machine learning methods on them, aiming to find mechanism of how it is related with an important index: Economy Policy Uncertainty Index. Besides, we found this vary between investors depends on their education level, gender and some other personal attributes.